WP150 Submersible Pump Chamber

The WP150 submersible pump chamber, a versatile and robust pump chamber designed to meet diverse waste, drainage water, and light sewage needs. Engineered for reliability and functionality.


  • New Zealand Designed & Manufactured: Made from high-grade PE material, this pump chamber is locally designed and manufactured to meet New Zealand's quality standards.
  • Suitable for full or partial burial and can be used as a freestanding unit.
  • Easy Pipe Installation: The flat-edged design allows for easy pipe installation, saving time and effort during setup.
  • Compatibility with DLM Wallace Submersible Pumps: Specifically designed to be compatible with DLM Wallace submersible pumps.
  • Stability & Adaptability: The hard plastic foot ring aids in anchoring the chamber, offering stability, and can be trimmed to suit available space.
  • A food-grade version is available on request.

Compatible Pumps:

The WP150 submersible pump chamber stands as a reliable and flexible solution for waste, drainage water, and light sewage applications.

Wesbite Name: WP150 Submersible Pump Chamber
Wesbite Name: WP150 Submersible Pump Chamber

  • Free standing or inground use
  • Flat sides for ease of pipe installation
  • Suitable for submersible pumps

WP150 Pump Chamber brochure and Spec sheet