Unisan Commercial

Unisan Commercial is suitable for pumping waste water only, from comercial shower, bath, hand basin, sink, domestic washing and dishwasher which are below sewer level or in the same room and level where pump is installed. 

Unisan Commercial is perfect for or conditions where small dimension discharge pipes are required.

Not suitable for sewage.


  • Designed & built in New Zealand 
  • Completely self-contained 
  • Quiet, powerful and fully automatic 
  • Dry mounted motor and pump 
  • Easily installed and serviced 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • High head and flow 
  • Can be remotely installed 
  • Gas and watertight collection tank 
  • Multiple choice of waste inlet positions 
  • Option of Audible alarm & signal from volts free contacts, in case of fault 
  • Solenoid valve/s Option to isolate the water supply to plumbing fixtures draining in the pump 
  • Option of Carbon filter for internal venting (Check with your Local Authority for compliance)

Technical Data

Motor Power (kW) (P1) 0.6 Total Tank Volume 11 Litres
Temp Continuous / Max 40 / 60°C Delivery Connection 32mm BSPf
Voltage 50Hz (V) 230 IP Rating IP54
Cable (M) 1.5 32mm Swing Check Supplied
Nominal Current (A) 2.5 32mm Isolating Valve Supplied
Weight (kg) 11 Overall Dimensions 448(L) x 292(H) x 257(W)

Note: The above Performance Graph is measured at pump outlet and based on factory test conditions. Actual performance onsite may differ due to piping and fixture sizing and layout.

Wesbite Name: Unisan Commercial

Unisan commercial is suitable for pumping waste water only No Sewage from shower, bath, hand basin, sink, commercial dishwasher, which are below the sewer level and which are in same room & same level where the pump is installed, or conditions where small dimension discharge pipes are required. Includes pressure switch and controller for commercial use. 

Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Length (mm)


Total Weight (Kg)


Motor kW


Total Tank Volume (Litres)


Temp Continuous / Max

40 / 60⁰C

Delivery Connection

25mm male

Voltage 50 Hz (V)

230 - 240

Delivery Pipe

25mm or 32mm PVC

Cable (m)


Nominal Current (A)


Swing Check

25 mm Supplied

Isolating Valve

25 mm Supplied