Tuffblock Floating Foundation

TuffBlock is an instant floating foundation suitable for raised or low-profile decks, walkways, garden sheds, cubby houses and more.

It is the world’s fastest growing foundation method for a range of home improvement projects. TuffBlock removes the need for digging holes and pouring concrete, making it the easiest and most versatile foundation system on the market.

Available at all good hardware and building outlets. Request for it by name.


  • Ultra-lightweight - Each TuffBlock weighing just 680 grams
  • Strong and tough - Vertical load supports up 770 kg and break tested to 5,000 kg
  • Versatile  - Use it by itself or in conjunction with in-ground concrete methods (where the application requires anchoring)
  • Good for the planet - TuffBlocks are 100% recycled. Each TuffBlock is made from materials destined for landfill and our oceans. Even better than that, each off-cut made during the manufacturing process is repurposed into a future TuffBlock


How many TuffBlocks will I need?

This obviously depends on the type and size of the project you are building. As a general rule if you are supporting joists directly on TuffBlocks, you will need to support joists with a TuffBlock at 1.5m intervals. Joists will need to be spaced at a distance appropriate to the finishing material (e.g. it is recommended that some decking timber be spaced at 450mm centres, it is always best to check with your timber/material supplier for material specific recommendations).

As an example, a low level deck 3m x 3m would require 21 TuffBlocks for the above configuration – that is 3 x TuffBlocks per 3m joist, 7 x joists spaced 450mm apart. If you intend on using bearers on top of TuffBlocks, joists on top of bearers, and then decking or finishing material/sheeting – less TuffBlocks will be required. As an example, a low level 3m x 3m deck would require bearers to be supported say every 1.5m, bearers would be spaced every 1.5m to support the joists, so 3 x TuffBlocks per bearer, 3 x bearers = 9 x TuffBlocks.

The above measurements are a basic guide only, refer to the TuffBlock installation guide and your material supplier to ensure correct spacing is maintained for structural integrity.

Wesbite Name: Tuffblock Floating Foundation
Wesbite Name: Tuffblock Floating Foundation
Wesbite Name: Tuffblock Floating Foundation

TuffBlocks can be used for a number of outdoor projects. Whatever you do, make sure to use your TuffBlocks on level and compact ground. The TuffBlocks will be the foundation of your build. Build ideas include decks (low profile, raised and floating decks), garden sheds, landings, pathways, raised walkways, cubby houses, dog shelters and more.

W x L x H

316 mm x 316 mm x 90 mm


680 g


High strength closed loop recycled polyolefin

UV rated


Load rating

770 kg

Stirrup width

Suits 35-41mm or 41-47mm joists and bearers as well as 90x90mm or 100x100mm posts




Available at all good hardware outlets. Request for it by name.

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