Acrylead Flashing

Acrylead is unique thermo-baked acrylic primer coating process for lead sheet. 

The primer coating is applied to the sheet surface area and severely inhibits the contact of water with the lead and its oxides. This reduces potential lead run-off from entering groundwater systems. The thermo-baking process ensures the primer coating is bonded to the lead sheet substrate and is paintable.


  • Made in New Zealand
  • The only flashing that can meet and exceed the 50 year durability requirement for concrete, clay and slate tile roofing
  • Improves the look of exposed flashings when top coated to match roof colour
  • Primer coating inhibits the contact of water runoff with lead and its oxides
  • Proven quality and performance having been manufactured in New Zealand for over 70 years
  • Conforms to AS/NZ1804-1976
  • Not recommended for use with Zinc/Aluminium coated steel (Click DEKS Fast Flash for alternative options)

Acrylead has a primer coating and whilst it can withstand the elements in its own right, we recommend that you top coat with conventional acrylic roof paints to improve the appearance of your flashing and to maximise the protection that Acrylead gives against potential lead run off.

Quality Standards

  • Acrylead is the only apron / abutment flashing on the market that can meet and exceed the 50 year warranty offered by Concrete Tile, Clay Tile and Slate Tile Manufacturers, and is a must for compliance with E2 / AS1
  • Conforms to AS1804-1976 


  • available in 17 kg/m2 nominal mass
  • 6 m rolls in 150mm, 300mm, 340mm, 375mm, 450mm, 600mm
  • other gauges and widths on application
Wesbite Name: Acrylead Flashing

Apron of abutment flashings that require a 50 year durability compliance to meet the E2/AS1 standard

Acrylead Lead Sheet




MSDS- LEAD- 010523