We manufacture and produce lead sheet in a range of thicknesses and is primarily used for weatherproofing building flashings, x-ray protection and sounds dampening. We have standard sizes and rolls or can cut to your required dimensions.

DLM Lead sheet comes in widths from 150mm up to 1.2m in the thicknesses below in standard lengths of 3 and 6 metres is manufactured to AS 1804 - 1976

Lead sheet stock

  • Lead sheet is manufactured to AS 1804 - 1976 and manufactured to a +/- 5% thickness tolerance
  • Can be supplied in any width from 150mm up to 1.2m in the thicknesses below in standard lengths of 3 and 6 metres
  • Additional widths and thicknesses available on application
Weight (Kg/m2) Thickness (mm) Typical Uses
6 0.5 Strip Edge for Metal Flashings Sound Proofing, Radiation Shielding
12 1 Sound Proofing, Radiation Shielding
17 1.5 Apron and Cover Flashings Hip and Ridge Flashings
20 1.8 Valley Gutters and Lead Slates Chimney Flashings and Weatherings to Cornices and Parapets
25 2.24 Full Roof Cladding
302.65Parapets, Box and Tapered Gutters or situations that demand extra length

Health and Safety Precautions

Lead is a heavy metal and should be handled with care using best manual handling techniques to avoid injury. The recommendations below should be followed when working with lead. To ensure all lead is safely and effectively, click here for our range of lead removal cleaners and soaps. 

  • Do not breathe lead dust or fumes from heated lead
  • Wear approved respiratory protection if ventilation is inadequate
  • Do not eat or smoke when working with lead
  • Where exposure to fumes or dust is significant, adequate protective clothing should be worn
  • Wash thoroughly after handling lead especially before eating, drinking or smoking
  • Gloves and safety boots should always be worn.

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Wesbite Name: Lead sheets

Suitable for

  • Metal flashings, sound proofing, Radiation shielding, Apron and cover flashings, Hip and ridge flashings, Valley gutters, Lead slates, Chimney flashings, full roof cladding, parapets, box and tapered gutters.

6kg/m2 lead sheet

0.5mm thickness, with a nominal weight of 6kg per m2

12kg per m2 lead sheet

1.0mm thickness, with a nominal weight of 12kg per m2

17kg per m2 lead sheet

1.5mm thickness, with a nominal weight of 17kg per m2

20kg per m2 lead sheet

1.8mm thickness, with a nominal weight of 20kg per m2

25kg per m2 lead sheet

2.2mm thickness, with a nominal weight of 25kg per m2

30kg per m2 lead sheet

2.6mm thickness, with a nominal weight of 30kg per m2

Lead Sheet technical data sheet


MSDS- LEAD- 010523