Why does Duram 195 form a protective skin?

19 April 2022

Duram 195 can form a protective layer while sealed in its container. Read more to learn the simple solution.

Duram 195 is a liquid applied polyurethane waterproof membrane. As it dries, it solidifies into a flexible waterproof layer that keeps water out and protects the area being sealed.

When you first open a container of Duram 195, it may look as though the liquid polyurethane has fully cured. In some conditions, the product can form a protective layer up to 30mm thick in container. 

This protective layer shows that the product is working as intended and is what makes Duram 195 effective in creating a waterproof seal.

To get to the fresh polyurethane, take a sharp knife and slice around the edge of the layer. Remove and discard this layer to access the liquid polyurethane.

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