Wallace Pumps

With over one hundred twenty-five years of innovative engineering, Wallace Pumps is the premier provider of industrial and residential pumps, parts, service, and pump control solutions.

At Wallace Pumps we produce and distribute pumps & related products for the chemical, water & wastewater, residential, marine, rural and general industrial markets. Horizontal and / or vertical, single or multistage pump types include automatic pressure boosting systems, submersible, dry mounted, pumps with variable speed drives, pumps with magnetic drives, inline, chemical dosing, borehole etc. capable of handling a wide range of fluids such as water, sewage & wastewater, chilled / high temperature water, hot oils, abrasive slurries, corrosive chemicals & petrochemicals, liquid with entrained solids and many more.

We have been in business since 1884, so when you purchase a product from our large range, you can rest assured we will be standing behind it now - and in the future - with spare parts, technical backup and full service support.

Wallace Pumps has a solution for the majority of domestic, commercial and industrial applications with cost effective pumping equipment to meet with your requirements. "Correct Pumping Solutions For Any Application".


Residential Water
Residential Wastewater and Sewage
Packaged Sewage & Waste Water Systems
Agriculture and Irrigation (Commercial & Rural)
Building Services- Water, Waste, Sewage, HVAC
Submersible Sewage & Drainage
Industrial & Municipal Water and Waste Water
Hot and Chilled Water Circulators
Chemical and Corrosive Fluids
Pump Controls and Alarms
Storm Plastics
Pumps and Distribution Agencies

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Bore Pumps



With over 100 years in the trade DLM brings to the market high quality service, manufacturing and supply of lead products, flashings, solder, fluxes, silver brazing alloys, zinc anodes, extruded anodes, extrusions, casting metals and sealants. The product range include quality brands such as Dektite, Flashguard and Acrylead.

With vast experience in the metals and alloys industry, DLM have gained a reputation of providing "Correct Metal Solutions for Any Application".

Lead Products
Soft Edge Flashings
Dektite EPDM Pipe Flashings
Silver Brazing Alloy
Zinc Anodes (Sacrificial Marine)
Electroplating Anodes
Antifriction (Bearings) Metal
Specialty Metals & Alloys
Silicone Sealants

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Solder Products Consolidated

Solder Products Consolidated brings to the market high quality service and supply of solders and fluxes. With vast experience in the industry, Solder Products Consolidated is your first choice.

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Solders and Fluxes



Specialists in waterproofing products and systems for over 20 years.

Duram provides professional grade, simple to use, liquid-applied waterproofing systems for all residential and commercial applications - new or existing, both interior and exterior.

Our extensive range products come with comprehensive easy-to-use application instructions, which, if followed correctly, will ensure a long lasting waterproofing solution.

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